Robert Hauk

As a teacher Robert enjoys finding the dancer in every student.

Robert began dancing tango in 1995 and has participated in the development of Portland’s tango scene since near its beginning. In 1997 he met his most important teacher, Susana Miller, the foremost proponent of the milonguero style. Susana was one of the first to bring this form to the United States and Europe. He has studied and danced this close embrace style of tango ever since.

Robert has spent significant time in Buenos Aires studying with older milongueros. Important influences were Cacho Dante, Nestor Rey, Ricardo Vidort and, most significantly, Tete Rusconi. Other important teachers of the younger generation have been Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Silvina Valz, and Alicia Pons. Alicia is Robert’s second most important tango teacher. His work with Alicia helped develop a much deeper understanding of tango.

He has been teaching since 1999 and is a highly regarded teacher and DJ. His teaching focuses on solid foundations, developing clear elegant movement, and smooth effortless dancing. Classes aim to create a supportive environment where students can develop their dancing and have fun.


Tango is a good therapy for Parkinson’s and Robert has worked with a number of people developing movement therapy from tango. Also Robert has worked with people recovering from accidents, using tango for developing balance, and rebuilding movement after injuries.

Robert has worked with groups of high school students, helping build tango clubs at schools.

He has taught workshops in many communities and at tango festivals around the country and internationally. As a DJ Robert is known for his knowledge and love of classic tango music, and has DJ’d at festivals around the country in addition to hosting and DJing his own long-running Monday milonga in Portland. Currently Robert teaches sets of group classes at Tango Berretín, and a drop-in lesson on Monday evenings at the Treasury Ballroom.

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